November 2018 Calendar

Special thanks to Jim and Yonnie for hosting the October “Connections” group. Due to the holidays there will not be a meeting in November or December.
Birthdays and Anniversaries
November  7  Karen May
November  7  Terry and Sherry Woods
November 11 Mary Hoffman
November 17 Peggy Strickland
November 18 Jack Wilson
November 18 Jason Allison
November 19 Jimmy Addis
November 19 Peggy Stapleton
November 19 Ron and Chris Sheddrick
November 25 Lakin Taylor
November 26 Alice Davis
November  7  Business Meeting 6:30 pm
November 11 Community Thanksgiving Dinner 6:00 pm
November 12 Ladies Group 7:00 pm
November 23 Hanging of the Greens 5:30 pm
November 25 Deacons Meeting