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July 2018 Calendar

July 4  No servicesJuly 8 Potluck Lunch for ColtrainsJuly 11 Business Meeting July 15 Ice Cream SocialJuly 22 Deacons Meeting Birthdays and AnniversariesJuly 5  Darrell GeorgeJuly 8  Jason and Nicole AllisonJuly 8  Josh ColtrainJuly 10 Darton SpencerJuly 10 Kass LewisJuly 10 Brody AllisonJuly 14 Grace ColtrainJuly 15 Colby CollinsJuly 21 Nancy Qualls

June 2018 Calendar

June 3 and 10 – No Youth June 6 – Business Meeting June 24 – Deacons Meeting Church will be taking offering month of June for “One Great Hour of Sharing” Birthdays and Anniversaries June 1 Clayton Kelley June 1  Angie and Dustin Spencer June 4  Ruth Woolman June 5  Tom Walker June 6  Ron Sheddrick June 6  Tate Kelley June 6  Ernie Kinsch June 15 Marsha Collins June 15 Jan Kirk June 23 Robin and Jerry Reynolds

May 2018 Calendar

May 8- Ladies Group May 13 Mothers Day. (No evening services) May 27 Deacons Meeting May 27 Memorial Weekend (No evening services) Birthday and Anniversaries May 3. Don Mourning May 8. Like Coltrain May 15 Chester and Peggy Stapleton May 15 Kelly Pease May 17 Don and Margaret Walker May 17 Cindy Dean May 18 Jimmy George May 22 Ivan Taylor May 28 Chester Stapleton May 29 Ivan and Lakin Taylor May 31 Dan and Beckie Chapman May 31 Brenda Spatz

April 2018 Calendar

April 5-    Business meeting 6:30pm April 10-  Ladies Group 7:00pn April 14-  Men’s Breakfast 7:30am April 22-  Deacons Meeting April 29-  5th Sunday Potluck Birthdays and Anniversaries April  1  Tony Hayward April  5  Anna Dean April  8  Buddy and Carolyn Tomlinson April  10 Nick Irwin April  15 Jan and Gene Jabben April  16 Everly Kelley April  17 Jane Hayward April  21 Laura Correll April  27 Randy Allen April 28  Margaret Walker

How To Increase The Influence God Has Given You

Everybody is a leader——because everyone has influence. Starting Next Sunday evening at 6:30 pm. Rick and Kevin will be teaching on how to use our personal influence to bless others. It is 6 weeks long. Some of the topics are: What Is Your Leadership Lid? How Do I Increase My Influence? Will You Fritter Away Your Influence? These Bible studies will help you in your work life, in your family, and especially your spiritual life. Books will be available.

Easter Morning Sunrise Service

What a wonderful way to start Easter morning. Sharing the word of the Resurrection of Christ, singing hymns of praise , followed by a delicious breakfast. About 40 First Baptist Church members and friends coming together to celebrate the birth and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. God is GOOD. GOD IS ALIVE!!

Prayer Explosion!

Prayer Explosion! This last week we have been praying for our entire church membership! Be on the look out for special “God sightings” in your life. Know that you have been prayed for! God, thank you for the faithfulness of your people in praying for each other. We know that every good and precious gift comes from you. May together we enjoy the blessings in store for us. Thank you!

March 2018 Calendar

March 7 – Business Meeting 6:30pm March 13 – Ladies Group 7:00pm March 25 – Deacons Meeting – After Morning Worship Birthdays & Anniversaries March 2 – Bill & Mary Hoffman (A) March 3 – Lorene Brannin (B) March 5 – Lyn Kirk (B) March 11 – Sherry Woods (B) March 13 – Cheryl Lewis (B) March 15 – Cindy Sparlin (B) March 20 – Dan Chapman (B) March 20 – Tristan Nesbitt (B) March 25 – Lori & Mark Davis (A) March 27 – Continue reading →

Experiencing God- The End Is Near

For those of you who have been going through The Experiencing God study with us on Sunday nights, the end is near! Only two more weeks and we will finish the study. Pastor Rick and Kevin have been doing some thinking about what we will do next and we are considering doing a six-week study on leadership. More information will come soon! As we finish this study we are going to be talking about the seven realities of experiencing God. Please take a few minutes Continue reading →