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A Note from Pastor Rick

It’s Friday but Sunday is coming! As we gather Sunday at FBC Oswego, I will be teaching on “Making the Most of Every Opportunity.” We will study Col 4:2-6, Ephe 5:15. You can read Phil 1:12-18 for additional study. Last week’s chicken noodle dinner by First Methodist tasted great. Even better was the conversation at the table. Today Danny took me to the Vets Recognition at the High School and I had the opportunity to meet several new people. By the way Nancy and I Continue reading →

Community Thanksgiving Dinner

The Oswego Community Thanksgiving Dinner will be held Sunday, November 12 at 6 PM. The entire community is invited to this meal. This event is sponsored by the Oswego Churches with assistance from Diamond Coach and the Oswego Community Hospital. It will be held at the Oswego Community Center and attendees are invited to bring a canned food item for the Food Bank.

November 2017 Calendar

November 1 – Business Meeting 6:30pm November 4 – Youth Waterfowl Hunt 5:30am November 12 – Community Thanksgiving Dinner at The Community Center 6:00pm November 14 – Ladies Group 7:00pm Birthdays and Anniversaries November 7 – Karen May November 7 – Terry and Sherry Woods November 11 – Mary Hoffman November 17 – Peggy Strickland November 18 – Jack Wilson November 18 – Jason Allison November 19 – Jimmy Addis November 19 – Peggy Stapleton November 19 – Ron and Chris Sheddrick November 25 – Continue reading →

Follow that Sign

If you have been thinking about attending church somewhere, but you just needed a sign, try following this one. The First Baptist Church in Oswego, Kansas invites you to join us Sunday morning for worship service at 10:40 AM. We are also having a potluck dinner immediately following service. All members, friends, and visitors are welcome.

October 2017 Calendar

October 13 -5th Quarter after football game October 15 – Potluck Lunch after Worship Service October 31 – Youth Trunk or Treat                       The youth group are going to hand out juice boxes at trunk or Treat.  If you would                       rather have the youth do your shopping contact Jim or Yonnie. Birthdays and Anniversaries October 1 – Tom and Celia Simmons October 3 – Continue reading →

Interim Pastor Rick Qualls

It’s Official! Pastor Rick Qualls of Chanute, Kansas, will be our interim pastor starting Sunday, October 8, 2017. We want to invite everyone to join us for Sunday morning worship service at 10:40 AM. We also encourage you to check out the website featuring his book, Bright Spots in the Darkness. Pastor Rick, as well as his wife Nancy, will be a blessing to our church and to our community, so please join us Sunday morning.

September 2017 Calendar

September 6 Business meeting September 15 5th Quarter September 24 Deacons meeting Birthdays and Anniversaries September 1 Ty and Nikki Lewis September 3 Faith Mitchell September 3 Jaxson  Cowen September 7 Korlin  Nesbitt September 8 Buddy Tomlinson September 9 Harvey Kistler September 14 Ashley Knight September 20 Steve Lewis September 22 Emma Coltrain September 22 Colby Pease September 28 Randy and Carolyn Allen

July 2017 Calendar

Special Events and Meetings July 5 -Business Meeting July 18-21 Vacation Bible School July 23 Deacons Meeting Birthdays and Anniversaries July 2- Delaney Davis July 5- Darrell George July 6- Raymond Smith July 7- Liz O’Daniel July 8- Jason and Nicole Allison July 8- Josh Coltrain July 8- Al Wimp July 9- Chad and Lela Mustain July 10- Darton Spencer July 10-Kass Lewis July 10- Brody Allison July 11- Marla Cook July 14- Grace Coltrain July 14- Kaysha O’Daniel July 15- Colby Collins July 16- Continue reading →

June 2017 Calendar

June 7- Business Meeting June 25- Deacons Meeting Birthday and Anniversaries June 1 – Angie  and Dustin Spencer June 1 – Clayton Kelley June 1 – John and Mandy Williams June 4 – Ruth Woolman June 5 – Tom Walker June 6 – Ron Sheddrick June 6 – Ernie Kinsch June 6 – Will Wertz June 9 – Pastor Daniels June 11 – Kayleigh Williams June 15 – Darlene Addis June 15 – Marsha Collins June 15 – Linda George June 15 – Jan Kirk Continue reading →

April 2017 Calendar

Meetings April 5 Business Meeting April 11. Ladies Group April 23 Deacons Meeting Birthdays and Anniversaries April 1 Tony Hayward April 3 Trevor Terrell April 5 Kaitlin Rhodenbaugh April 5 Anna Grace Dean April 5 Lela Mustain April 7 Laura Hanigan April 8 Buddy and Carolyn Tomlinson April 10 Nick Irwin April 12 Jacob Terrell April 12 Ann Fitz April 15 Jan and Gene Jabben April 16 Everly Kelley April 17 Jane Hayward April 18 Clifford Woods April 21 Laura Cordell April 23 Carleigh Woods Continue reading →