May 2021 Calendar

Birthdays and Anniversaries

May  3  Don Mourning
May  4   Kevin and Rochelle Sheddrick
May 15  Chester and Peggy Stapleton
May  17  Cindy Dean
May  17  Tom and Margaret Walker
May  18  Jimmy George
May  19  Tom Ridgeway
May  20  Hazel Woolman
May  22  Ivan Taylor
May  28  Chester Stapleton
May  29  Ivan and Lakin Taylor
May  31  Dan and Becki Chapman

May    5    Business Meeting    6:30
May    6    World Day of Prayer
May    9    Mother’s Day
May  17    Ladies Group  6:30
May  23    Deacon and Trustee Meeting after worship
May  30    Memorial weekend. NO Bible study/youth

We have a wonderful Bible study on Wednesday and Sunday evenings at 6:30.  All are invited.